SleepPro Knarsbitje Self-Fit

SleepPro Knarsbitje Self-Fit Bitje for grinding teeth grinding

SPLINTDIRECT is a specially designed mouth guard for teeth grinding. While wearing you reduce the wear on teeth considerably. BPA free material provides cushioning and protection against teeth grinding.

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What do you need to get started?

  • Cup boiling water 90-100 ° Celsius

  • Cup with hot water

  • Mirror and sharp scissors


    1. Boil 500 ml of water. Pour into a coffee - or tea cup. Then place your SPLINTDIRECT in this boiling water for 20-25 seconds. Hold the SPLINTDIRECT fixed to the handle on the top (see Fig. 1)

    2. Then hold for 1-2 seconds in warm water (this prevents you burn your mouth)

    3. Place the SPLINTDIRECT a mirror on your lower jaw and then bite your both jaws shut. It is important that you do not move your jaws as this may affect the fit negatively. The SPLINTDIRECT to cool in your mouth for two minutes. The SPLINTDIRECT is almost ready for use

    4. Make sure the fit is comfortable for you (repeat as necessary, steps 1 through 3)

    5. Cut the handle on the front with scissors your SPLINTDIRECT (= result).

    The SPLINTDIRECT is a medical device. For more indormatie please refer to the package insert.


    You can not use the SPLINTDIRECT for the following indications:

    • With loose teeth and / or molars

    • If you have a bracket

    • If you are under 18

    • If you wear full or partial dentures

    • If you have an inflamed and / or bleeding gums

    • When in doubt, consult your dentist first!


    • Immediately stop wearing the SPLINTDIRECT for the following indications:


    • If you are going to retch

    • If after wearing loose teeth and / or other bite feels in your mouth

    • If SPLINTDIRECT easily comes out of your mouth

    • If you experience bleeding gums or other discomfort in your mouth

    • If you have other body warm and / or psychological problems experience that you did not have to use the SPLINTDIRECT (eg. Headache, stiff neck, muscle pain, jaw pain). Otherwise refer or relate to your dentist.



    • Wear your SPLINTDIRECT preferably overnight

    • Only clean your SPLINTDIRECT with lukewarm or cold water

    • Replace your SPLINTDIRECT within 6 months

    • Keep SPLINTDIRECT in the included storage box

    • If SPLINTDIRECT comes loose in the mouth, you can re-adjust the fit (step 1 to 3)

    • If SPLINTDIRECT is too long for your choose, you can simply cut it with scissors

    • Make the SPLINTDIRECT preferably in the bathroom and near a mirror; then you obtain the best results.

    For more information, please visit the main website /

    Made in Germany


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