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This shop is owned by Trophax Germany / OTC BV, established in 3334 KE Zwijndrecht the Mandenmakersstraat 1. Our VAT number is GB and the registration number of the Chamber of Commerce is 56019211. If you want to reach us, there are 2 possibilities: by phone at number 078 - 6105 727 or via email [email protected] In our webshop you will find special, special, unique products that can affect your well being positive. Enjoy our shop!

On Saturday, March 2nd this year there has been an article in De Telegraaf on Prep, a product for 150 years !!! is used and that the latest addition in the range of Trophax OTC.

There are many reactions to this article, both orders and previous experience with this unique product.

If you want the above proposal "on smiling", have a look at our product for white teeth Depurdent.
An auction; ig way to get white teeth as it contains NO hydrogen peroxide but the active substance is natural pumice. 2 to 3 times a week brushing with Depurdent you get your own wiite color of your teeth back. Mouthwash can Depurdent 2-3 x per day will be used as a support of the toothpaste and also to maintain fresh breath.


Good health is one of the most important things in life.
Our goal is to introduce people to serve new and innovative products on the Dutch and Belgian market. Products that have proven preventive, curative, therapeutic and effective work.
This commitment, this agreement will affect all our decisions to accomplish our mission.

Why Trophax OTC?

After years of having worked in the Dutch OTC industry, there was the desire to get into the industry itself to act.
It was a combination of character, job satisfaction and knowledge of the sector. Supplemented with the drive to exploit the opportunities lie in the past.

Starting Assortment Policy

Trophax OTC BV Consumer Health. All products are within our range goal: restoring personal health and care of consumers, to improve, to sweeten or to avoid gaps occur in this process.

Market information

The market in which we operate is called the OTC Industry. OTC means "Over The Counter". That term is used internationally and originated in the Netherlands when drugstores OTC drugs and health went hand without prescription over the counter.

LATEST NEWS of our products:

Direct help is the sole distributor in the Benelux of the female condom Femidom. Now, there is recently in cooperation with the Condomerie in Amsterdam created a new instruction on the insertion of the female condom, carried out by the Dr. Corrie show. Since many women but especially men using Femidom still perceived as foreign, the playful way of instruction can Dr. Corrie help to remove any misunderstanding about this. In addition, there will be this summer at Dance 4 Life an instructional setting. This also means that they go into full school programs with our female condom, their dance events and their social media campaign programs.

2. The Penguin Hair Clip is now available in Europe. Finally, women (and men) with long hair during sports, swimming, working, etc. their hair on a good, solid way to keep together. Look at http://www.direct-help.nl/nl/haar-accessoires/haarclips-met-dubbele-veren. The final result led to the statement of the CEO of L'Oreal, Joseph DiMaggio, who literally said "try the Penguin Hair Clip once, because then you never want anyone anymore".

3. You know no gift to give more? This gift sets available give you something very original because for now they are only from us.

The products in the Trophax Arometic Gift sets are made of natural, aromatic oils from South Africa. So pure, pure and natural.

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