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Pedifresh voor zweetvoeten 1 - stops smell of sweaty feet instantly NOT GOOD - MONEY BACK

The two Pedifresh products have the solution for sweaty feet short term (Pedifresh first stop sweaty feet odor immediately) and long term (2 Pedifresh prevents smell of sweaty feet long).

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Effective against smell of sweaty feet short (Pedifresh Treatment Phase = 1) and long (Protection Phase = Pedifresh second) term.


Millions of Dutch suffer from body odor. The most unpleasant consequence in terms of the smell of sweaty feet. PediFresh is a completely new product in terms of operation and the number one sweaty feet. The two PediFresh Sprays are unique, long-acting treatment sprays that addresses the cause of perspiration odor in feet and armpits and excessive sweating counters.

Sweating is a normal physiological phenomenon by which the body regulates body temperature. Perspiration is odorless. However, shoes prevent perspiration to evaporate, making the skin moist. Under the influence of perspiration skin bacteria produce unpleasant foot odor air. Pedifresh to foot odor sprays work more powerful as it is used longer. After some time, so does the excessive perspiration.


The unpleasant sweat odor is caused by bacteria. Perspiration soaked loosen dead skin cells from the epidermis. Skin bacteria feed on the dead skin cells and secrete acids that this spread off a penetrating smell of sweat. The skin bacteria multiply rapidly if nothing is done.

Skin-friendly Pedifresh sprays inhibit the growth of these bacteria and gradually normalize the production of perspiration. This puts an end to body odor and remain fresh feet long! Pedifresh is protected by an international patent. Pedifresh contains no aluminum and triclosan.

The advantages of Pedifresh 1 and 2 in a row:  

  • bactericidal

  • long-lasting results

  • refreshing and soothing

  • Now with fresh scent

  • easy to use

What makes Pedifresh spray first and second with foot odor so special?
Pedifresh spray with foot odor helps prevent foot odor by the cause to address. Pedifresh spray with foot odor gives lasting results as the instructions are carefully followed.

Pedifresh is specially designed for:

  • the worst forms of sweaty feet odor and also for occasional complaints

  • all ages, including children and adolescents

  • an active lifestyle

  • Wearing sandals and shoes without socks

  • wearing synthetic - or leather shoes

  • Wearing sneakers and athletic shoes

  • Use of Pedifresh 1 and 2
    Pedifresh Spray with foot odor once a day carefully applied to clean, dry feet and in shoes. The bottom of the foot and the spaces between the toes are most attention. Let dry.

  • Pedifresh treatment Phase 1:

    Use Pedifresh 1 twice daily for 14 days to control the odor-spreading bacteria. Using these steps:

  • wash your feet and dry them carefully, especially between the toes

  • spray Pedifresh 1 to 2 times per day on top of your feet and 3 to 4 times under your feet; do not forget also to spray between toes

  • Spray 1 to 2 times per day in each shoe.

    Pedifresh protection Phase 2:

  • use Pedifresh two once a week to prevent recurrence of the sweat odor.

    This spray contains ingredients of natural origin. Here is an overview of the

  • Ingredients Pedifresh 1: denat alcohol, glycerin, propylene glycol, zinc ricinoleate, camphor, farnesol, menthyl lactate, methenamine, perfume

  • Ingredients Pedifresh 2: aqua, denat alcohol, glycerin, zinc ricinoleate, citrus grandis, laureth-3, disodium EDTA, polyglyceryl-3 diisostearate, acrylates / C10-30 alkyl acrylate cross-polymer, methenamine, limonene

    Guaranteed results with Pedifresh

    Pedifresh is a two-stage treatment that effectively eliminates foot odor. With its unique 14-day treatment phase (Treatment Phase) you can be sure that Pedifresh your sweaty feet odor disappear.

    If not, you get your money back (only valid in the EU). See leaflet for conditions.

    Unlike foot odor pesticides that only mask the odor (not solve) Pedifresh grabs targeted the cause. It stops the growth of odor-spreading bacteria by creating an environment in which these bacteria can not live.

    Unlike anti-sweat products that can clog the pores, Pedifresh eliminates the problem safely, leaving the skin breathe naturally.

    If, for whatever reason, the symptoms return, repeat the directions of the treatment phase.


    Pedifresh works differently than other sweaty feet odor products! Pedifresh creates an interactive operation with the skin in order to eliminate the cause, viz., The odor-dispersible bacteria. The patented product comes into action when certain bacteria on the skin of the feet are present. This process ensures that even eliminating the most serious cases of sweaty feet odor and controlled.

    DAY TREATMENT PHASE 1 -14 (Treatment Phase)

    The formula of one Pedifresh reduces odor-causing bacteria and fungi. After 14 days you will have a new, healthy, balanced microflora in which these bacteria and fungi can not develop. So no smell!

    15+ DAY PROTECTION PHASE (Phase Protection)

    Pedifresh 2 maintains the dynamic balance in order to prevent the build-up of bacteria and fungi. Weekly use causes the smell of sweaty feet do not come back.

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