Depurdent voor witte tanden

Depurdent voor witte tanden Mouthwash natural basis for white teeth

NEW FROM OCTOBER 2012 There is a new directive issued by the Ministry: Teeth whitening by more than 6% H2O2 is prohibited from 1 November 2012.

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In September 2011 the Council of the European Union adopted Directive 2011/84 / EU uitvaardigd which these modifications. This amending Directive is specifically about teeth whiteners and adapts the original Directive 76/768 / EEC concerning cosmetic products. The Directive comes into force on November 1, 2012 and has been implemented in the Commodities Rules further cosmetic products.

This means in practice that from November 1, 2012, only the dentist and dental hygienist teeth may bleach with H2O2, but with only one dose of 6% (and not 30% as was customary until now).

A stalend white smile

White teeth are seen as an ideal of beauty, more and more people bleach their teeth. The results can be very nice and for the longer term. The risk of this treatment may be that there is pain in the gums and tooth necks formed.

Everyone has their own natural tooth color can vary in color. The color depends on age and ethnicity. After a certain time the natural color of teeth can age significantly because of the insufficient cleaning of teeth and dental plaque, and result in marking. The teeth that have undergone root canal treatment, change and grayish in color. Further, use of medication and or diseases provide an altered color of the teeth.


Dental plaque is defined as the sum of all the impurities on the teeth surface. Although dental plaque can be distinguished is in hard and soft plaque, are also considered to stains on the tooth surface as dental plaque. Hard plaque is made of tartaric (geminiraliseerd plaque). Soft plaque consists of 80% of oral bacteria.

Brushing your teeth is not enough!

Cleaning teeth with a toothbrush, toothpaste and regular inter-dental teeth cleaning is a necessity for superficial dental care and cleaning. But these daily care is not necessary to the spots on the outer side of the teeth. External stains (such as nicotine, coffee, tea and other reversible stains) can be removed with the cleaning and polishing toothpaste DEPURDENT® because this product has great cleaning power (RDA factor 195). Many people love recognizable clean, breathtaking natural colored teeth!

NEW: An easy, safe and inexpensive way to get white teeth, it is to brush with DEPURDENT®! For all of these spots, which remove have arisen in the course of time, there is now DEPURDENT®. You can now own a very easy way to whiten teeth by brushing 2 or 3 times per week with Depurdent®. You will immediately notice that you are teeth whiter and smoother without you having to go to more expensive or intrusive methods.


Pumice (abrasive); glycerine (humectant); silicon (defoamer); titanium dioxide (allows for the optical property, such as whiteness); salt (preservative); limonene (flavoring).

Product: Depurdent ® Mouthwash

Article number: 900 530

EAN code: 7611841700047

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Content: 250 ml

Consumer price: € 14.95

Use: 2 to 3 times a day


When to use:

In case of loss of one's own natural tooth color, it is necessary to use the correct toothpaste. That is Depurdent ® Toothpaste. To enhance the action of this unique product, it is good to also Depurdent ® Mouthwash 2 to 3 times a day to use. This product has a sweetish taste which many people use this special mouthwash as enjoyable. NOT DRINK!


In teeth with hard or soft plaque that thus become drab and dirty

When dead teeth by a root canal treatment

In discolored teeth by lengthy illness

In the discolored teeth by use of medications.

What does DEPURDENT ® Mouthwash?
Just brushing is not enough!

Using Mouthwash has an added value because it is used after brushing. And a mouth water reaches the whole mouth making it washes away the last vestiges between the teeth. Additionally, the bacteria that cause plaque removed. As a nice side effect also improves the condition of the gums. In short, a complete win-win situation because the cheeks, palate and gums, and tongue cleaning. Use over 12 years.


propylene glycol - moisture retention; castor oil - lubricant; natriumbicarbonate - mild polish; saccharin - sweetener; cetylpyridine - disinfectant; salt - preservative; sodium fluoride - fluoride - source and protect teeth.

EXTRA: contains no alcohol!


White teeth (reaction of a consumer who has been used Depurdent).

Actually, I was working for years to find a toothpaste that really would cause my teeth were as white as possible. Here I also tried everything there was on the market for sale from expensive to cheap but this never found a really nice product.

At one point a friend Depurdent took from Switzerland. He was super excited and he had indeed himself very white teeth. Switzerland is anyway very developed in the field of dental care so I thought that was a very safe idea. From that moment I started to use it 2 times a week with the result that soon people started asking me if I had my teeth whitened. Friends and friends did during their visit always brushing one time with Depurdent and their experience was very positive.

A major advantage of Depurdent is that you will not suffer from your teeth whiteners which other is often the case. Your teeth feel after very smooth and clean as if they were polished by the dentist.

I have all kinds of people around me who now also via Switzerland have someone carry. Therefore, it is very nice that it is now available in the Netherlands. Recently, a friend told me that was also asked her if she had bleached her teeth again. Is not it great that you can achieve with a toothpaste!

Mieke Mulder - Velp

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