Emoform Tandpasta voor gevoelig tandvlees; BLAUW is zonder fluor; GROEN is met fluor

Emoform Tandpasta voor gevoelig tandvlees; BLAUW is zonder fluor; GROEN is met fluor

* Numerous studies have shown that potassium nitrate is a very effective remedy for sensitive teeth. This gave the globally respected US Food and Drug Inspection - FDS - reason for potassium nitrate as to recognize any effective means against sensitive tooth neck against heat, cold, fresh water and acid sensitivity.

Additionally contains Emoform ® high concentrations of mineral salts causing plaque formation is prevented, the gum surface hardens slightly inflamed and bleeding gums is avoided and thus prevent periodontitis. The high concentration of mineral salts also has an inhibitory effect on bacteria growth. Due to the high concentration of inorganic salts in EMOFORM®, the paste is slightly alkaline, which also has an effect on the saliva. This slightly alkaline saliva promote neutralizes the acids formed by the bacteria which are harmful to the teeth and dental caries. The other substances contained in EMOFORM® ensure that teeth and gums cleaned thoroughly, without, however, thereby affecting the enamel layer. In the Netherlands, EMOFORM® available in two types, with and without fluoride.

Potassium nitrate with fluoride is the only substance that is recognized as active agent by the FDA for the treatment of sensitive teeth and for the prevention of caries.



Teeth with a soft to medium-hard brush handle, preferably three times daily after meals.

With strong EMOFORM® sensitization can be applied with the finger on the gums and lightly massaged, taking the paste for 1-2 minutes late withdrawal.

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